Verse Forms: Space I (2018)

Verse Forms: Space I

A poem is a path

in an unknown

direction; it

does not exist

until you step

MJ Millington

Written, designed, machine-pieced and hand-quilted by MJ Millington, December 2018. 15” x 22”

Verse Forms is a series of conceptual quilts by MJ Millington exploring poetry in textile form. In this quilt the poet/artist draws attention to the overlooked spaces between words and letters by translating them from blankness and background into color. Light pieces are letters, while orange strips are the spaces between.

From the artist: “Each piece is a poem written by me, then translated into a textile. Each takes a different aspect of the poem—from typography, to spacing, to meter, rhyme, et cetera—and shifts it into a slightly-more-than-2D space, utilizing the attributes of an ancient art form, the quilt. Each piece is written, designed, pieced, appliquéd, and quilted by me, using both hand and machine techniques. Each piece of patchworked fabric represents a letter of the poem, and the improvisational cutting technique adds a sinuous quality to the lines of verse. Words, in the form of colors and shapes, shimmer and sally across the surface of the work, belying the perception of a printed poem as a static object.”