Photo ©  Meredith Miller  Photography.

Photo © Meredith Miller Photography.

Hello! I’m MJ Millington, a Connecticut-based poet and multimedia artist. As a poet I translate the world of the senses—including the visual—into the written word. As an artist working in textiles, photography, paper, metal and book arts, I like to play with the structures and forms of poetry to create works of visual art. My current work is a series of conceptual quilts exploring poetry in textile form, entitled Verse Forms.

Largely self-taught, I trained in ancient jewelry-making techniques at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York, and in book arts with Daniel Kelm and Jim Croft. I’ve exhibited nationally, and my work is in the collections of the Beinecke Library at Yale University, as well as private collections in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, California and New York. In 2018 I was an artist in residence at Trail Wood, in Hampton, CT. Welcome to my website!

Find me on Instagram: @maryjanemillington